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. the two major party candidates for iowa's governor met for their first debate this week in sioux city. chet culver, a democrat, is facing a former republican gov. terry branstad. this debate is courtesy of kcau television. >> good evening, i'm channel 9 tv in sioux cit >> and i'm with woi tv in des moines. we are your moderators for tonight's debate. this is your first chance to see and hear iowa's two candidates for governor make their case about issues that are important to iowa's future and yours. >> and we are fortuteo have tonight's event here in the sioux city, auditorium. the beautiful sioux city orpheum theater in downtown sioux city. it's going to be broadcast and streamed live across the state of iowa by kcau-tv and by woi-tv in des moines and whbf-tv in the quad cities. >> our partners in this debate, lee enterprises and their newspapers, the sioux city journal, the quad ty times, waterloo courier and the mason city globe gazette will be streaming this debate live on their web site as well as doing some live blogging this evening. additionally media com cable is making th
-span. >> the two major party candidates for iowa's governor met for their first debate this week. the current governor, chet culver, is seeking a former reporter -- former republican gov. jim branstad. >> this evening. >> we are your moderators for tonight's debate. this is our very first chance to see and hear i was's to candidates for governor make their case about issues that are important. >> we are fortunate to have this debate in sioux city. we are being broadcast and strained by kcau-tv. >> our partners in this debate, lee enterprises, will be straining at this debate live on our website. mediacom is making this available to their waters. >> here is how the debate will work. the palace will have 30 seconds to estate candidate a question. the candidate will then have 1:30 to answer. if we answer 8 -- a week question -- if we ask a follow- up question, the candidate will have 15 seconds to ander. the sioux city journal." josh nelson is sitting next to mike, a political reporter for the waterloo courier. on the other side of the stage are ed tibits and arian, an on-line editor at the maso
're dealing with two companies producing eggs in the state of iowa and sold nationwide. 1,608 people were infected with salmonella intertitus from the eggs between may 1st and september 14th. what we learned about the two egg operations in iowa that produced the tainted eggs paint a disturbing picture of egg production in america. when fda inspectors entered plants in august they found facilities riddled with unsanitary and unsafe conditions. according to inspectors' preliminary reports, employees working went the handling houses didn't wear or change protective clothing when moving from house to house. live rodents were found in the houses. you can see the eggs tthe left of the sishlg here. we have liquid maneuver oozing out of buildings. there enters another photograph that shows it actually coming out of a doorway. we have dead and decaying chickens found at the sites. live and dead flies too numerous to count. most importantly, positive test results for salmonella were found in both farms including in the feed mill and the water used to wash the eggs. even more alarming, during the co
night at the iowa republican party's annual ronald reagan dinner in des moines. the former alaska governor is in iowa to raise money for the state republican party and campaign for the 2010 iowa g.o.p. candidate. from hy-vee hall in des moines, this is 40 minutes. >> great to be in the hawkeye state. >> iowa, do you love your freedom? aren't you proud to be an american? if you love your freedom, then we think of that, and i would ask anyone who has served the united states and military in the past or presently serving, if you could stand up, we're going to salute and you honor you. thank you, veterans. we do thank you and we honor you. well, i wanted to get out today in your most beautiful state and enjoy this gorgeous weather. so i put on the running shoes. and look for my hawkeyes t-shirt and my cyclones cap. showing love to the home team. lacing up the shoes, and todd says, you may want to just run downstairs in the treadmill, on that, and i'm saying, oh, the treadmill is kind of like knack box. i said, todd, it's gorgeous there, i want to see the view in the heartlands and it'
of it is sarah palin, vice president nominee in 2008, is spending time at a political party dinner in iowa. a hard trip to resist for any national political reporter so dan balz did not visit us and is there tonight. i spoke tom a few minutes ago. there you are in iowa with sarah palin. is this as obvious a move as it seems? >> everybody thinks it is. she's clearly at least testing out whether she should test the waters. so the anticipation of a candidacy is part of the discussion here in iowa, has been all week when it was clear she was going to do this. we obviously don't know what she's going to do but nobody comes to iowa who is in her position who isn't at least thinking about running and she gave another hint on that this afternoon in an interview with fox. gwen: what did she say? >> well, she was asked whether she would run. she said, if she thinks the country is ready to be shaken up, if she thinks the country is ready for that, then of course she would give it a real consideration and would be prepared to do it. she left herself some room not to run, obviously, but she certainly d
come up with google searches. in the last three days, every day i have done an event in iowa, the challengers. the first tape was format schulz -- matt schultz. the one thing i can tell you that i am most impressed with is that these are folks running for offices that those people do not know much about what they do. they do not know much about who these people are in there right now. they see them as the functionaries in government. all of these candidates are bright, dynamic, energetic, and have a great messages. we have executive offices in pennsylvania. i have seen those candidates' campaign many times. i have never seen candidates who are laser-beam focused, just encouraging me so much that you have candidates who are on a mission, who want to do this job, not because it is something to run for to run for something else, which happens in politics a lot. these folks want to do the job. he has been a treasurer and understands the job and wants to do it. he has a very clear agenda as to what he would do differently and why he is the better candidate to do this job in this c
of conservative activists provide opportunities or a potential threat? fault lines on display in iowa as sarah palin issued a warning to the establishment. >> we can't blow it, gop, but we won't wait for that political playbook to be handed us from on high from the elite. it may take some renegades going rogue to get us there. it may take folks shaking us up, shaking it up to get there. >> so will the emerging split help democrats this fall? we'll bring in christina belatony. good morning to you, christina. >> good morning, alex. >> what do you make of all that? the republicans are facing a real challenge from the conservative base? >> sure, that has definitely happened. you have seen that play out all summer long. of course, democrats like any split. democrats have plenty of their own splits, but sarah palin is a unique figure in this because she's endorsed very mainstream candidates from senator john mccain against a tea party favorite conservative candidate in j.d. hayworth. then kelly who won in new hampshire. she was the preferred choice there, but the going rogue candidate christina o'do
of candidates that i am really excited about. why would someone from pennsylvania, and campaign in iowa for three candidates running for executive office? . >> when you look at the big change after obama, people look at the governor's race in virginia, they look at the governor's race in new jersey, and everybody said chris christie run in new jersey and bob mcdonnell won a big race. you want to talk to the folks who watch political movements in this country, you talk to karl rove or the folks who really watch politics. they will say the biggest election occurred in -- does anybody know? pennsylvania. does anybody know what happened in the pennsylvania in 2009? no, but it was the most important election. you go back and read the comments from some of these guys, they will talk about it because it was the most high- profile election. what happened in pennsylvania in 2009? we had seven or eight judicial races. we elect our judges, which is not a bad idea, by the way, given what went on here in iowa. we elect our judges. but like executive offices, these are not a very expensive campaign t
campaign mode. call it his glory days tour. he's in iowa and virginia today, two of his key states from 2008. last night he had a huge college rally in wisconsin, trying to target the voters who surged the polls but have been sitting this year out. and the big question is, can he recapture some of that 2008 magic? because this has been the tea party's year. >> it certainly has. >>> also this morning, strong charges coming from a man accusing that popular pastor in atlanta of sex abuse. we'll hear explosive charges from a 23-year-old who says bishop eddie long is a predator. that's the word he used. that is coming up in a moment. >>> we begin with the latest tropical weather brewing off of florida this morning. it's set to make a run up the east coast and could cause serious flooding. sam is tracking it for us at the weather board. >> good morning, george and robin. we'll talk a little about this storm. it is tropical depression 16. if you're looking for it to kind of perform like a big tropical storm, it's not. but it's going to drop a lot of heavy rain. take a look at
employee with a legitimate job offer. we have that under a drug testing law in iowa. if you show up and you want a job, go through all of the hoops and they can say to you, i have gone through all the hoops, you have to take a drug test before we can put you to work. that's what we do in iowa. no complaints, no lawsuits. and i encourage them to do that. we should be able to provide as employers an illegal-free workplace so modernizing e-verify so it can be used on current legacy employees and with a legitimate job offer is a legitimate thing to do. and the third component we need to do, madam speaker, out of this, is we need to clarify wages and benefits to illegals are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and doing that allows the i.r.s. to run the social security numbers and the information data of the employees of the audited company through e-verify. and if they come back, that they can't lawfully work in the united states and we'll give the employee'ses safe harbor then they can den eye the business expense. this is the new idea act. the net result is this. if you are paid ou
>> couric: tonight, sarah palin. can she see the white house from iowa? >> you betcha! >> couric: meanwhile, there are calls for a criminal investigation of another rising g.o.p. star. i'm katie couric. also tonight, ambush in afghanistan. american soldiers under fire. one is shot in the helmet and survives. a tree falls in brooklyn and more in queens, but was it a tornado that swept through new york city? and we'll end the week by spinning a few records and watching them go down. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. we don't know if sarah palin intends to enter the presidential race. the only failed vice presidential candidate in modern times who ever went on to win the white house was franklin roosevelt. but the former governor of alaska is at the traditional starting line tonight-- iowa. and our latest cbs news/"new york times" poll only 20% of americans overall have a favorable opinion of palin. but 50% of republicans do. and those are the votes she would
-profile appearance tonight. she was a featured speaker at a ig republican party fundraiser in iowa. palin's time in that caucus state is stirring up more speculation that the former alaska governo might make a bid for the top seat in the white house. >> sarah palin's presence in iowa, fresh from other influence in the primaries, is rekind ling speculations about her aspirations for the white house. >> it's time for no more business as usual, it is timeto take our country back. >> palin was senator john mccain's vice presidential running mate in 2008, ask now, in her firstisit to iowa this year, she joked about whether she wants top billing in 2012. >> todd says, i can guarantee you if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline is going to be vanity fair. they're going to say palin in iowa decides to run. >> the primary seasohas pointed to the growing division between the established gop and tea party activists. palin, a star of the tea party movement, has supported both sides and called ou some of her traditional republican counterparts to do the same. >> carl here, you can come to iowa
. >>> "nbc nightly news" is next. we'll seyou ba >>> center stage. sarah palin in iowa, a visit that's raising big questions about her future and the party's. >>> drawing a crowd. of the faithful and the furious. >> we don't want him here! >> we don't want him here! >> strong words tonight from the pope in london. >>> taking aim. hurricane igor bears down on bermuda as the cleanup begins in the wake of another killer storm. >>> and miracle mom. a young mother of three defies death and now she's using her life to make a difference. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. coming off of a drama of some of this week's state primary contests, believe it or not, not all the political focus these days is on the november midterm elections. the run-up to the 2012 presidential campaign is also slowly starting to build. tonight, those handicapping the potential republican challengers are trying to figure out what to make of sarah palin's high profile appearance this weekend in a place where presidential runs usually get off the ground. nbc's mike viqueira is in washingto
roosevelt. but the former governor of alaska is at the traditional starting line tonight-- iowa. and our latest cbs news/"new york times" poll only 20% of americans overall have a favorable opinion of palin. but 50% of republicans do. and those are the votes she would need for the nomination. dean reynolds is in des moines tonight. dean, the caucuses are 17 months away but iowa is already getting plenty of attention. >> reporter: very true, katie. there are some 50 news organizations and a thousand dinner guests here tonight in des moines, all of them drawn to this room by one person-- sarah palin. >> we can take it back! we can take back our country and we're gonna turn things around! >> reporter: for weeks, the former alaska governor has been promoting her political favorites and keeping herself at center stage. wednesday in oklahoma. >> america's heading towards a precipice and we'd better turn things around right now. >> reporter: last night in kentucky with tea party favorite rand paul. >> the hierarchy and, you know, that i ear not liking this. >> reporter: the midterm ele
of wet weather from chicago to minneapolis through iowa, northern missouri will be some of the problem areas. high pressure off the east coast. we'll keep one day cool there, but then the return flow will be very warm tomorrow. as far as that radar goes, you can it filled up here. a lot of showers on this front. sioux falls into minneapolis at this time. we're dry in wisconsin. forecast today, watch out for the wet weather. it's going to be pretty heavy here, especially up through iowa. east coast, fan taft sxik mild. now here is a look outside the weather outside your window. 97 in birmingham, alabama. we could see record highs today. 90 in miami. that's not too far from average. st. louis, 91. this is very late in the season to have this warm of temperatures, especially in the ohio valley. well, wednesday is going to be just as warm and some of that heat arrives on the east coast. we'll give you that forecast, coming up, lynn. >> thank you, bill. >>> job cuts at one big bank and the must have choice this holiday season. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> pl
's power. what are unclear are her plans for the 2012 presidential race so what was she doing in iowa? pope benedict expresses sorrow and shame of the sex abuse scandal during his controversial visit to england. >> they're massive. they're huge. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. a journey that began with a mountain hike more than a year ago is concluding tonight with a long flight toward home. released american hieger sarah shourd left oman today for dubai, while her two fellow hikers remained prisoners in iran. what's next for them? michelle miller has more. >> reporter: after more than 13 months in captivity, sarah shourd is on her way home tonight. before leaving oman she expressed appreciation and hope to the nation that help broker her release. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom. >> reporter: shourd arrived in oman tuesday, the arab nation an ally of both the u.s. and iran, mediating the half million dollar bail that was part of her release. it may have saved her life. her morclaim
shoes the headline is going to be, vanity fair, they're going to say palin in iowa decides to run. >> brown: and ray suarez talks with angela kocherga of belo television on the latest killing of a journalist in the mexican drug wars. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the low, slow vote count was under way in afghanistan today as the country selected a new parliament. saturday's election was marked by uneven turnout, taliban attacks, and widespread claims >> there may be no better example of how dangerous it can be to hold an election in a war zone that occurred during this interview with an afghan provincial governor on saturday. >> with the voting is going very well in different districts and in the city. >> reporter: that blast in the background hit a polling station nearby, w
his finger on the pulse of america. >> america's election headquarters returns to iowa to reenergize the base, to prevent a blowout in november. . >> reporter: forget fired up, tom harkin wants iowa democrats ready to go and do the knitty gritty work and that's what we're doing in iowa. >> this is madonna and i'm calling with the iowa democratic party. >> we work every day, all night. this office is always full and there's 19 other offices like it across the state. >> reporter: and they opened in june. much of the urgency for iowa democrat is over the top of the ticket races, incumbent democrat colbert has trailed in public head to head polls since january behind four term governor branstead and conlin faces a double digit deficit in the poll in her bid to unseat charles grassley. >> republicans are winning the independent voters that voted for obama in 2008 and even disaffected democrats. >> reporter: wii taking advantage of tailgating and football fans. they've cut in half the democratic registration in iowa. >> right now republicans are coming out in big numbers, i don't think
huckabee, huckabee finished first in the 2008 iowa republican caucuses. steve cnn tani is live. it's an overarching theme today, what would you say it is? >> reporter: for this group, the main issue is family values, traditional values, moral values, social values. mike huckabee just said in his speech a while ago that a lot of people have said that the republicans, the conservatives, should not be talking about social values this year, but he says look at the economic meltdown, that, he says, was a moral failing. he called it unmitigated greed on the part of some on wall street. so it's a moral issue, we ought to be considering it. and he said look at the recent news on poverty, one in seven americans living in pot. -- in poverty. he said that's a result of the breakdown of family values, of the traditional family. he went after president obama and his economic polices, and you can listen to part of what he said on down. let's listen: >> this is one place that no matter what the economy is doing they never see a recession here, because they can also vote themselves another appropr
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18th. this morning, palin takes iowa. the former v.p. nominee gives a fiery speech at a key republican dinner, in what is likely to be the first state to vote in the 2012 primary. is this the first step toward a presidential run? >>> hurricane alley. karl blasted mexico while hurricane igor heads straight for bermuda, packing some serious power. we're live with the latest. >>> why did she do it? the mother and father of a woman who lied about having acid thrown in her face, address the question everybody's been asking. why did their daughter do this to herself? >>> and dancing hands. forget the flying feet of "riverdance." how about the flying fingers of irish hand dancing? ♪ and no, that was not the two of us doing hand dancing. >> i've been worried all morning that you're going to propose some sort of -- >> i want to. the hour's not over yet, dan. they actually used to perform for "the riverdance." this is a new dance craze they're starting. they're going to be joining us live. >> they've gone rogue, post "riverdance." >> emotionless faces. did you see that? >> i did. >>
. >>> and apology, the owner of the iowa egg factory tells congress, he's sorry -- now. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 23rd, 2010. good morning, everyone on a thursday. good to see you, i'm terrell brown for betty nguyen this morning. president obama takes the podium later on at the u.n. for his second address to the general assembly. randall pinkston is at the united nations with details. randall, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. how are you? yes, indeed, president obama will be here at the united nations in just a few hours. with problems at home and flagging poll numbers, the president's address at the u.n. sure to give him awn opportunity to focus on his foreign policy accomplishments and his vision for the future. president obama's expected to use today's u.n. speech to remind the world and americans how far his administration has come. in front of nearly 200 global leaders, he will highlight america's progress in iraq and afghanistan and promote u.s. efforts to kick-start the world economy. the president will defend his attempt to jump-start
>>> good morning. center stage. sarah palin firing up a crowd in iowa. it i the traditional starting line in the race for present, so is palin ready to run? >>> crossing the line after his daughter was allegedly bullied. an outraged father takes matters into his own hands, going after students on a school bus. police say he went too far. now the question, what would you do? >>> and failing the test. just a feweeks after being released from rehab, lindsay lohan says she's failed her latest drug test. could shbe heading back to jail? a new setback for the troubled star, "today," saturday, a new setback for the troubled star, "today," saturday, september 18th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we're all certainly glad to have you back in the seat this morning. >> i'm glad to be here. i went east a little bit. so i'm wide awake. >> that's good. >> it's good to be back. we've got a lot to tell you about this morning. for sarah palin the big question peop
-- every day i have done any event in iowa since monday morning. i have done any event for one of the -- and even for one of the challengers. the first one -- this is the one for iowa -- for david jamison. these are folks who are running for office that most people do not know much about what they do or who they are. they are seen as the functionaries of government. these candidates are bright, dynamic, energetic, and have great messages. i have seen those candidates' campaign many times. i have never seen candidates who have such a laser-beam focus. listening to dave this morning encourages me so much. you've of candidates who are on a mission and what to do this job. it is not just running for this so they can run for something else. you know that happens a lot. these folks want to do the job. he has a very clear agenda as to what he would do differently and why he is the better candidate to do this job at this very critical time in our history. the same could be said for matt schulz. secretary of state deals with elections. is clear message is you need an id to go on an airp
wrapping around western iowa. that may be an indication the storm is peaked. should maintain major hurricane intensity through this evening. one thing to notice, it appears as if the eye may be moving and making the turn towards the north. would be a clear indication as to how close it will get to the coastline. once we make that turn, we determine it will stay farther off the coast. that one is helping to kick this thing further out to sea, prevent us from getting a direct hit. 145-miles per hour sustained winds. it should decrease as it approaches and passes the outer banks of north carolina. the wind field here, for hurricane earl extends out 230 miles in that yellow shading in all directions. that puts ocean city within the reach of tropical storm force winds and the reason why there's a tropical storm warning for the maryland and delaware beaches. the hurricane force winds in the deep orange shading, well offshore, because of the circulation of the storm, strongest winds are actually out to sea on the right side of the forward movement. the winds that wrap around the backside,
. and the latest on sarah palin's speech in iowa. is this the start >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> when you watch this video it makes your heart skip a beat. there is a one-year-old crawling on a highway and terrifying drivers. look at this kid crawl on to the street. they waited for other motorists to get out of the way. the infant got away from his mother. drivers called the police who returned the baby to his mother. she was released after spending a short time in custody. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is calling for the released of two american inmates being held. sarah shourd will arrive in new york this weekend. shourd will hold a news conference on sunday. mahmoud only din gnaw god said she was released because of health issues. shourd's aunt lives in berkeley and said she talked to her after the released. >> she said one thing that was constant she felt that they treated her like a child. she was in solitary confinement and she had to continually say to them, i am a strong woman. i am not a child. >> she said sara told her she will not fee
outbreak of salmonella, we'll show you what the iowa egg farmers in question said today about conditions there. >>> the west wing. what a new book says about the deep divisions in the obama white house during the war debate. and some of it is not pretty. >>> the cost of care. what if there was a drug that could save your life but you couldn't afford it? some are taking drastic measures. >>> and education nation. controversial new film that americans will be talking about. what does it say about charter schools, teachers union, our kids and superman? "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. for years a lot of us bought them without thinking much about them. but then you tend to think about them when cases of salmonella start galloping across the country as they just did. so today in washington, they heard testimony from two of the largest egg producers in this country. millions of people have purchased their brands without knowing it and still will. the problem is, 1,600 people got sick recently in 22 out of 50 states. there could be many
's a political reality. politicians heading for a run to the white house head to iowa. it's no surprise sarah palin's visit is generating major buzz about her possible bid for the oval office in 2012. good morning mike. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> i want to get the reaction from you. what is it like? >> reporter: any trip to iowa, especially when it's sarah palin, it's her first trip since the gop vice president nomination. will she or won't she? she has rock star status among the conservative base. will she or can she translate the popularity into a successful presidential run? sarah palin in iowa. >> showing love to the home teams. >> reporter: getting a welcome from party faithfuls at the battleground. palin laughed off speculation about her plans for an oval office run. todd says i don't know. i think you should go downstairs and run on that treadmill. i said why would i want to stay indoors. todd says, i guarantee you, if anybody sees you in tennis shoes, they are going to say palin in iowa decides to run. >> reporter: fresh out of a string of candidates she backed. palin was dis
into iowa for the first time since she was a vice presidential candidate in 2008. she goes in now with rock star status. they sold out that annual reagan dinner. the most they've ever had in attendance at that particular dinner in des moines. but now the question is can she translate that popularity -- will she try to translate that popularity into a successful white house run? sarah palin in iowa. >> showing love to the home teams. >> reporter: getting a raucous welcome from party faithful at the site of the first presidential battleground. palin laughed off speculation about her plans for an oval office run. >> todd says, i don't know. i think you should go downstairs and run on that treadmill. i said, why would i want to stay indoors? todd says, because i guarantee you, if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline's going to be vanity fair, they're going to say, palin in iowa decides to run. >> reporter: fresh off a string of primary victories for candidates she had backed palin was disdainful of leaders in her own parties who opposed her. >> i don't really know who they are wh
. [applause] >> thank you. >> former republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin will be in iowa tonight with annual ronald reagan dinner in des moines. we will have live coverage starting at 8:00 eastern. she will be joined by iowa senator chuck grassley and a former iowa governor. "book tv" saturday night, bill clinton joins former british prime minister tony blair for a discussion of the years and office. tony blair has a new memoir, on c-span2. >> warren brown writes the weekly car column for the washington post. >> it is arguable, justifiable i think to say that we would not have a black middle class had we not had general motors and ford and chrysler. >> in 2008, he supported the government bailout of the automobile industry. sunday, he will talk about his life and what is ahead for carmakers, on c-span. >> the c-span network, providing coverage of politics, public affairs, nonfiction books, and american history. it is all available on television, radio, online, and social media networking sites. find our content any time through the video library. we take c-span on the road with o
jackson dinner, sort of a crystal ball thing in iowa in late 2007, people would have been going crazy and would have been furious. this is a completely different tone, and i think it's just reflective, number one, of that kind of caution and conservatism we discussed before. number two, i think the tone he feels he has to strike as a commander in chief and as a national leader. >> you know, ed musky, one of the most thoughtful members of the senate that there ever was rajiv, he once said only talk when it improves the silence. what was gained by that speech last night? why didn't he just say, look, i salute the troops, they are great, they are courageous, they have sacrificed enormously in a war that's highly troubling to a lot of people. they are great, but i'm not going to say anything about the war tonight because everybody knows where i stood or he doesn't even have to say that, just imply that. >> you know, he wanted to claim credit for a campaign promise. >> i see. >> he wanted to do something i think to help energize his base in part, yet it left them feeling completely i think
is the deciding factor in a lot of primaries. >> she was a rock star last night as she spoke in on iowa. some say testing the waters. she spoke in the ronald reagan dinner. this some say is a making of the a 20 12 run. she focused on the 2010 and what they need to do. >> the answer from the is another federal program and rebeat our economy by cashing in clunkers and loosening in loit bulb and supporting country's natural resource development instead of our owns. voters will stop the fundmental transforlation of america that is not good for america. it is the patriots that will restore america. some say show manage to deepen the mystery. she gave mixed signals and we'll talk about 2012 coming up in the next hour live with us. in the meantimes, here the head heens. fox news alert. they warned residents and now insurgents in afghanistan are trying to stop the voting process with bombings. rockets struck major cities. first one slamming in the capitol before dawn. two people were killed. this vote is a key test for the afghan government after last year's election. pope benedict xvi is continuing with
, sarah palin's speech at a republican dinner in iowa. the, president obama's at black congressional caucus dinner in washington. >> next, a conversation with jim pawlenty. he talks about growing up in st. paul was the youngest of five children. losing his mother at the age of 16 in his entry into local and state politics, his eight years as minnesota's governor and his possible 2012 presidential bid. this is 40 minutes. >> there have probably been many defining moments. one is the support of we have given to the men and women in a number united states military. our national guard has played a larger and larger role. that has required minnesota's to stand up. we lead the nation beyond the yellow ribbon. for minnesota, i am a pretty liberal. that is a big deal. i am right about that. >> the president said that next year, that is a transitional day. do you disagree with that? >> first of all, i applaud the president for making the decision to put more troops in afghanistan. i wish said he would not have taken five months to make that decision. once you make that arbitrary date, it begi
these days. >> she is of an iowa -- she is in iowa, in indication that she is looking at this politically instead of a way to make money. >> that is not what people are talking about. what they're talking about is the vanity fair argument -- article. >> that is true. >> she created even bigger press by responding. >> she said that somebody or something was impotent or lim p. pretty graphic. none of re-staff will speak. i do not think he will ever get a truly accurate picture. >> she keeps putting yourself out there. >> she is an important figure in the republican party. it is someone you could do well as a presidential candidate. >> this is interesting, this is the bane rollout. she is going to be on "dancing with the stars." that is pretty graphic it to call reporters impotent ns limp -- and limp. >> she singled out a single reporter. >> talking a little bit more, the republican governor of minnesota. considered a v.p. candidate in the last campaign. now, certainly at the top of the list of people we are watching. there could be a little trouble winning minnesota. >> people are desperate
spring in iowa has been unbelievably, the likes we've never seen before, and the local co-op who takes our manure out for us was just behind. they had got behind. i take full responsibility -- >> or maybe you have too many birds in the house? maybe you have too many laying hens in the house that the house can't handle all the manure coming down snp do you have too many birds? >> no, sir, the house has got 80,000 birds. it's designed for 101,000. the reason we have 80,000 is we follow the uep animal welfare guidelines. >> okay. >> but this problem was cleaned up that very day that this picture was taken. what the picture doesn't show you is there's a manure crew on site taking this manure out. >> did the decoster farms, you as operating officer, you knew about the fda putting out a final rule in july. did you comment while that rule was being developed? did you comment, submit comments to the fda on how you thought the rule should be? >> i don't believe i commented on -- the rule that came out in '09. >> you didn't need the rule to know this was unacceptable. >> this doesn't have much t
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